Rap and Hip Hop Have a Difference

Hip Hop

Afrika Bambaataa is the famous man who is known for using the term “hip-hop” to describe the culture which masters of ceremonies belonged to. Generally speaking, though, within the culture of hip-hop, rapping stands as one of the 4 elements it incorporates. The others which can be read about comprise graffiti, Djing and breakdancing. These days, however, as the three other aspects are not as prominent as they once were, many people combine the two dance forms of rap and hip hop.

Looking For Distinctions

Any distinctions should really be conducted along the lines of purity or quality. A number of artists produce sounds which could, to all intents and purposes, be regarded as more pop than rap, with a strong accent on crowd appeal and a hook. If the actual rapping was omitted from a number of rap releases, then the musical piece that remained would render it hard to class as hip-hop. – And this is more associated with the aim of the artist, as opposed to the actual sound itself.

Dwindling Sales

Over the past 20 or so years, rap music sales have been on the decline. To that end, it is quite understandable that label executives try to persuade their best selling stars to produce records that can be heard on a fantastic refurbished apple which merge on to pop territory or R&B. In this sense, they predict the need to attract consumers outside the community of hip-hoppers, in order to secure a good position on the charts.


In regards to distinguishing output quality, there are a number of MCs who are contributing to the rap culture, and producing art; yet, on the other hand, some rappers are literally record labels’ human packaged products. – This group of artists who act this way, are lining their own pockets, and sadly, have little respect towards contributing to, or the progress the genre’s evolution and artform.

The Rap Turnover

Just like releases of any genre, unlike in the past, the turnover for rap has become far faster. – This is primarily due to the public’s shortened attention span, and this has sadly meant that its link to music has waned over time. To that end, the record labels’ drive to produce timeless records now defunct for artists who are looking for success commercially.

This is because the label’s bigwigs’ drive to sell millions of ringtones while the artists are still really cool and popular, is far more valuable than all the effort and funds it would take to get the artists to work harder and generate a fan base.

Rap and Hip Hop Lives On

But whatever the politics, the cool sound of rap and hip hop lives on, and can always be downloaded.

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