Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a very popular video game which heavily features hip hop music. The story centres on a young man who must go back to his old neighbourhood in a fictionalised version of Los Angeles. Here he meets up with several characters who are part of the hip hop industry.

One of them is an up and coming rapper called OG Loc. The main character helps him rise in popularity by stealing a rhyme book for him. This book originally belonged to another rapper called Madd Dogg.</p>

Due to no longer having any rhymes Madd Dogg loses his mansion. Eventually, the main character turns against OG Loc and decides to help Madd Dogg by becoming his new manager. Together, the two of them produce a gold record by the end of the story.

A large number of classic hip hop tracks from the 1990s also feature on the soundtrack to this game. The artists heard on radio stations include Big Daddy Kane, Spoonie Gee, Masta Ace and Slick Rick. There are also several original songs performed by members of the voice cast.

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