Gun Violence; an Ugly Stain in the Beautiful Genre of Rap and Hip Hop

The hip-hop scene is no stranger to tragedies. Takeoff, a well-known rapper from the group Migos, passed away on the first of November after being shot in Houston. Earlier in September, rapper PNB Rock was murdered while out with his girlfriend at a restaurant in Los Angeles. He was robbed and shot multiple times. The passing of these adored singers has generated discussions about the impact of this music genre on violence.

How the Violence Affects Musicians

Gun violence and gangsta rap have a complicated causal relationship. It is hard to claim that there is no connection between gun violence and music. Rappers themselves have been found in possession of guns and illegal firearms. Rappers have been greatly influenced by gun violence, in addition to those who have lost their lives to it.

Due to his possession of a gun, Atlanta rapper T.I has spent most of his rap career in and out of court. The rapper was once detained and accused of having a machine gun, which led to his missing the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Lil Wayne has also been arrested and charged with felony gun possession after being found in possession of several weapons.

Music Has the Power to Influence

Our daily lives now include music, which we have grown to love. Many people listen to music when they exercise, travel, or are bored. Music can inspire an audience to support whatever is being promoted, in this case, gun violence.

Over the past ten years, there has been an epidemic of gun violence. It is easy to obtain a gun in the United States since many states’ restrictions are not strictly enforced. The hip-hop scene has had a significant impact because they utilise their lyrics to praise gun ownership both locally and globally and to promote gun violence.

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